Do I need a dance partner?

No. You are not required to bring a partner however, we do encourage it as Salsa and other dances we offer, are a partnering dance.  For students who do not have partners we do have student volunteers that assist with our lessons.  Student volunteers are limited and therefore, shared.

What should I wear?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes to class. Ladies, we recommend a heeled shoe with ankle support and ankle straps. If you do not have such a shoe, a simple ballet flat is good or even socks will do. Do not wear flip flops or beach wear to your class.

Which level is appropriate for me?

If you do not have any dance experience then Level 1 is the best place to start.  For students who have dance experience but haven't danced in a while or have taken dancing lessons elsewhere, you can book an appointment with an instructor to do an assessment to ensure you are placed at the appropriate level. The instructor will determine which level suits you the best. Please email to book your appointment.

What are your payment methods and options?

You can pay Cash, Credit (Visa or Master Card), or with a Debit Card.

Our local students who take group lessons have the option to pay everything at once or in installments. When allowed to pay in installments, you are obligated to finish the payment before half of the course, regardless if you finish the course or not.

How long are your lessons and what do they cost?

For all information concerning lessons and
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