salsa dancing for teens

ArubaSalsa offers a new Salsa course for Teens!

Are you a teenager... and you have no clue how to dance Salsa, Merengue or Bachata?

We're starting with a new course for Teens on Wednesday, February 3rd! 

School parties, proms, and family events all have lots of music and people dancing. Don't be left out and learn how to dance!!!

Date Start: Wednesday, February 3rd
Time: 6 - 7pm
Age: 11 - 15
Place: Club Hipsz
Cost: Only Afl.85 per month
Certification takes place after each level is reached!

Space is limited, Sign up today! Call or Whatsapp with 593-7506.
Or sign up online at

ArubaSalsa: More People, Better Instructors, Super FUN!