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ArubaSalsa's Graduation Night is on Saturday April 9th. Theme: HAWAII!

It's almost the end of our current season... 


Saturday 9th of April, at Hipsz... We'll dance, laugh, and have blast together!

Free Snacks, Nice prizes, Discounts on your next courses and of course your certification!

Date: Saturday 9th of April
Time: 7pm
Place: Club Hipsz
Theme: Hawaii
Remember to RSVP if you would like to receive your certification!

t: 593-7506

ArubaSalsa: More People... Better Instructors... Super FUN!

ArubaSalsa nominated for a "Best of Aruba Award"

We are truly proud to announce that ArubaSalsa Dance Company has been nominated for a "Best of Aruba Award"!!!

The annual "Best of Aruba Awards" is a business award that honors and celebrates the successes of the local entrepreneurs and Aruba's business industry.

We have 5 weeks to reach 500 votes to receive the Award!
You can vote by going to the link below and clicking on ArubaSalsa and entering your e-mail. You can enter as many e-mails as you like as long as they are different. You can only vote once with an e-mail.

Vote for ArubaSalsa Dance Company here:

ArubaSalsa Team

ArubaSalsa's Open House is on April 6 at Club Hipsz!

On Sunday April 6 you can join a FUN afternoon at Club Hipsz with free workshops of:
and Kizomba!

starting at 6pm.

Experience how much fun it is to take dancing classes. It's also a great way to meet new people, stay in motion, lose weight and the best exercise for your brain!

On Monday April 7 our new schedule starts, with new courses on different levels.

More info: 594-7018 / 594-7008