ArubaSalsa Introduces, LATIN BOOTCAMP!

Are you ready for all the new years parties and celebrations, but don't know how to dance?


Join us Sunday, November 19th at 4pm, and learn how to do the basics of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata!
This 4 hour bootcamp is perfect for everyone who wants to quickly learn how to do the basics of these dances.

What's Included?
- 30 minutes of Merengue
- 1 and a half hours of Bachata
- 2 hours of Salsa
- Snacks
- Drinks

Cost: Only Afl.75 per person!

Sign up today before we are Sold Out!
Call or Whatsapp 593-7506 or go to

ArubaSalsa: More People... Better Instructors... Super FUN!

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