Salsao Meets ArubaSalsa! Special Guest Instructor Desmond Casper teaching a Salsa Master Class!

Salseros... Get ready for an amazing 2 day Salsa Master Class!
Salsao meets ArubaSalsa!

On March 12th and March 19th we'll have a special guest instructor from Curaçao in Aruba: Desmond Casper!

Desmond is an old instructor friend of Reggie, who used to teach Salsa in the Netherlands and now has his own dance company (Salsao) in Curaçao. He's excited to come to Aruba to teach you amazing combinations with some cool dips and tricks!

Salsa Master Classes (advanced salsa)
Date & Time: March 12th from 7-9pm, March 19th from 2-4pm
Place: Club Hipsz
Cost: Afl.40 per person per day, Afl.75 per person for both days

Signing up is required!
Call or Whatsapp with 593-7506 or go to